Moscow Mercy Mission

Human trafficking is an ancient evil. It cripples lives and destinies, separates mothers from children, breaks families, and brings death and grief. These forms of human trafficking are thriving in the Moscow region: sexual slavery, forced prostitution, labour slavery and slavery with the purpose of begging. In December 2011 a bunch of brave, even daring Christians decided to arise against it. That was us! We are the mission staff of MMM. Not only do we serve to the risk groups among orphans, refugees and poor. We also reach out to those already captured and working for their masters, victims of human trafficking and those forced into prostitution. We go to the very bottom of human trafficking market, to the places where the foot of Christian missionaries has never stepped. We go to the territory overtaken by devil, mafia and death. We take people out of there, snatch them out of the claws of human traffickers, bring them to new life, freedom and Christ! This job is difficult and dangerous. We need more volunteers on the team. We ask you to prayerfully consider becoming a part  of this ministry!